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Furniture Market’s 60 Day Mattress Comfort Guarantee

When you purchase a mattress set from Furniture Market, you can take 60 days to ensure you are comfortable. If you’re not getting the sleep you need and you think your new mattress is responsible, you have the option of our 60 day Comfort Guarantee which allows you to return your mattress and to a one time reselection.

This is all you need to do to ensure your comfort:

  • Purchase a mattress protector from Furniture Market and use it to cover your mattress.
  • Use your mattress for at least 30 days before requesting the one-time reselection.
  • If you are still unsatisfied with your new mattress, simply contact us within the 60 days from the date of delivery or pick-up and we will help you select a mattress set that better suits your needs.

If you request this one-time reselection under our Comfort Guarantee, only the following charges will apply:

  • Delivery fee for your new mattress set
  • The price difference between your one-time reselection and your original set, if the reselection price is higher

Please note:

  • Furniture Market’s 60 Day Mattress Comfort Guarantee is valid on new purchases only.
  • If you request a one-time reselection, the 60 Day Mattress Comfort Guarantee will not apply to your new choice.
  • Furniture Market will not refund the difference between your original and new sleep set, should your new choice be less expensive.

The Manufacturer’s Warranty

All mattress sets purchased at Furniture Market come with a manufacturer’s warranty. The materials used to construct your sleep set are of the highest quality; however, defects can still occur. Should you find a fault with your mattress or box spring, rest assured the manufacturer’s warranty is additional security against a defect in the workmanship or materials of your bed.

Warranty coverage and length vary by manufacturer.